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Nare founded Barressential in 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka as a first of its kind Barre & Pilates boutique fitness offering. Since then she has pioneered the methods in the country training up high quality instructors and broadening awareness of Barre & Pilates across society.


Nare took a step away from her decade long career in investment management in London after moving back to Colombo in 2016 when she noticed a need in the market for a low impact, rehabilitating yet effective fitness method that creates lean yet strong physiques. 


She is a certified IBBFA Barre instructor and has completed Mat, Reformer & Trapeze Table training with the Balanced Body institute. She is also trained in Specialist Pre/Post Rehabilitation Pilates as well as Pre/Post Natal Pilates. Nare holds a BSc in Neuroscience from King's College London and a Masters in Finance from the University of Cambridge.

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Saira hails from Finance with over a decade of experience as an Investment Advisor. Her love of health & wellness and appreciation of the world class standards at Barressential led to a career switch!


She is a graduate of the University of Melbourne, Australia where she earned her BA with a major in Psychology. After moving back to Sri Lanka she became a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka, and is now pursuing her passion in promoting health, wellness and fitness with Barressential.



Dinely is a full time banker with a love of all things Barre & Pilates. Starting out as a client at Barressential, Dinely underwent our internal training program as a Mat Pilates instructor. Her attention to detail, thirst for knowledge and abundant energy ​meant she graduated to barre and Reformer Pilates within 6 months. Dinely's classes are full of energy, encouragement and excellent instruction!

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Matheesha seeps energy from her pores! Our fabulous Barre instructor, Matheesha encourages clients to go from "wildfire levels to nuclear meltdown" all whilst being super cheerful! Don't let the smile fool you thought, she has eyes like a hawk making sure you adjust your form to get the maximum possible benefit from every exercise! 

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Seni is a writer and a communications consultant in the South Asian development sector with a love for Pilates and Yoga. When not working, she spends time experimenting in the kitchen, getting better with personal finance and hiking. 

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Shayala is currently a second year student at Monash University, where she is majoring in Finance and Management. She enjoys meeting new people and sharing new experiences which is why she's thrived  in her role as a client advisor at Barressential. She loves being part of a team that is always full of life and endlessly supportive!

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