Our Activate the Core workshop is an ideal way to learn the foundations & principles of a good Pilates practice. We learn how to engage the ever so important "corset" muscle, "six pack" muscles & the obliques to create a stable & strong torso!

Ideal for all.

Available for corporates.


"If you're 30 and your spine is stiff, you are old. If you're 60 and your spine is flexible, you are young" - Joseph Pilates

Mobilisation of the spine whilst strengthening the key muscles that surrounds this vital structure is our aim during this two hour workshop.  Get rid of back pain once and for all.

Not suitable for those with herniated discs or other injuries of the spine.

Available for corporates.


An important joint but often neglected. In this two hour workshop, we look at the hip, knee and ankle: focussing on alignment, mobilization of ankle & hip, stabilization & strengthening of all 3 joints for healthy legs!


Not suitable for anyone with severe knee pain or surgery.

Available for corporates.


As women, we don't talk about the pelvis enough. These muscles are essential for healthy pregnancies, child birth and for the ageing process. Learn to activate, engage and relax the pelvic floor muscles in this two hour ladies only workshop. 

Good pelvic health prevents incontinence &  organ prolapse. Not suitable for pregnant ladies.

Available for corporates.


The most mobile joint also tends to be the most injured. We look at the upper portion of the torso as one unit working to mobilise the neck whilst stabilizing and strengthening the muscles surrounding the shoulder & scapula. ​

Ideal for all.

Available for corporates.


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