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9 Ways to Fill Your Holidays with the Essence of Christmas

It's the best time of year again: sparkling lights, festive cheer and even amidst the political chaos, joy & hope reign supreme because its Christmas! Lots of parties, lots of alcohol, lots of cheat days, lots of shopping and passing the buck to 2019 may lead to some unsavory feelings during the last weeks of 2018.

But does it need to be that bad and could we make this season about something more than just ourselves?

Here's our 9 tips on how to make this Christmas the best one ever!

1) Fill yourself with love: Love for yourself, love for how far you've come, love for others, love for those who have helped you, love for those who haven't helped you... and the list goes on. Break down any feelings of anger, resentment and bitterness and pledge to leave it behind in 2018. Take only love with you into 2019.

2) Spread joy: Festive cheer has become more commercialized than ever. Go beyond the lights and sparkles, take time to connect with someone you know is lonely or send a gift box to an underprivileged family. Choose to be real this Christmas and leave the tinsel on the trees.

3) Be a peacemaker: God knows we need it in this country at the moment. But let's take it upon ourselves to be the go betweens and peace makers wherever we are. If someone snatches your most coveted clutch bag during a sale, just let it go. Be filled with peace. Or zen. Whatever you want to call it.

4) Take time to be patient: Is there someone or something that really riles you up? From tardiness to incompetence to inefficiency to road rage, Colombo throws million opportunities a day to exercise patience. So the next time that tuk tuk cuts you off, take a deep (diaphragmatic) breath & let it go. Be patient.

5) It takes nothing to be kind: In the age of selfies, we may not even know what true kindness really means (given its about someone else). But kindness or being generous of spirit is a beautiful characteristic to have. Saw a girl crying in the loo at a club? Take time, be kind. See that old man begging on the street? Give a little, be kind. Had a waiter who went the extra mile? Be kind, be generous. You never know who you may help.

6) Do good: The holiday or "silly" season becomes an excuse for excess but can we go beyond that to the true Spirit of Christmas? Can we remember the sick, the lonely, the widows, the orphans, the downtrodden and those that actually didn't have such a great year in the midst of our celebrations?

7) Be faithful: Faithful to yourself, your character, your loved ones and your friends. Its easy to double book and be extra tired, to let people down because our schedules are so busy but can we let our yes be a yes and a no be a no - starting this holiday season?

8) Love people, use things: In an age where we use people and love things, it will be nice to remember to be gentle. Gentle with others, with ourselves and with our responses to people regardless of their intentions or actions towards us!

9) Tick that self-control box: This is one to suffer deeply during this season but can we match our naughty with something nice? Could we say no to the third helping of dessert or to that fifth drink at the bar? Could we get ourselves out of bed for that morning workout?

Christmas goes so far beyond presents, shopping and parties and we hope you have a very merry one!

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