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motivate yourself to workout during the holidays!

New Year's break, Easter break, May Day break and now we come to Vesak break. All within the span of a month. Sri Lanka really is a paradise - so much more for its labour force!

With all these breaks (which cause a break to your routine) and the constant lure of the couch and Netflix if you're staying in Colombo, how can you keep working towards that health & fitness goal for 2017?

Follow our simple tips to make the best of your time off from work but stay on track towards that fit body.

1. Work out with a friend!

We all want to spend our holidays catching up with friends. Usually in Colombo, this means an abundance of eating & drinking. Why not use the time constructively and meet at the barre first?! You both burn off calories, get fitter and then have the perfect excuse to order a dessert to share at brunch. (You're welcome).

2. Set yourself a goal (and then get a reward)

With a potential five day long weekend coming up, set a goal to attend two (or three) barre classes and as a reward for hitting your goal, treat yourself with a deep tissue massage or a mani/pedi at one of the many spas/salons in nearby Colombo 07.

3. Remember why you started!

Revisit your New Year resolutions to make this the fittest year yet and evaluate where you are on that journey. The holidays may create a (welcome) disruption from work but if you're staying in Colombo, don't let it disrupt your fitness goals.

Plan your classes ahead - we have a revised schedule to accommodate the holiday spirit, make a decision to show up!

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