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No More Delays! 3 Tips to Help Build Habits that Last

And just like that, we have whizzed past January. Like most others at the start of a new year, we too want to start new habits, get more organised and generally become a better version of ourselves every passing day. However, building lasting habits does not happen overnight. If you’ve been trying to get better at something or do more of one thing and less of another, here are three tips to help you succeed.

Always start small.

Say you had “becoming more fit” as a goal for 2022. One way to go would be to dive headfirst into a hectic exercise routine and nutrition plan that may or may not be continued into February. Especially if the pandemic had made you more sedentary and staying active just wasn’t on the cards. So why not take a step back and ask yourself, “Am I acquiring this habit for the long run?”. If the answer is (hopefully) yes, here are some questions to ask yourself and help you progress.

  • Why do you want to acquire this habit?

  • How much time do you have at hand?

  • What are you willing to put aside (or do less of) to make room for the new habit?

  • Can you do this on my own? Do you need additional support?

  • How do you stay accountable?

Using this information, shop around and see what is available in the market to work for you. A few weeks ago, we spoke about how investing in a personal trainer will support you in moving forward. We customise private sessions at Barressential to your needs and ensure the sessions work to your schedule. We understand that your needs and resources are different and have 30, 45 and 60 minutes options available for either Barre, Mat or Reformer Pilates Private sessions. You get an accountability buddy - your trainer - who will keep you motivated, energised and help you show up even on those days you really don’t want to.

We highly recommend private sessions to help you get started or back on track with your fitness regime. These sessions will help build muscle memory. In time, we look forward to seeing you at group classes - multiple times a week!

Patience is key.

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards establishing a habit for the long run! Now for step two: bearing in mind that change is not going to happen overnight.

If you want to be more fit, but the last two years have been spent in a pandemic stupor, you will need to unlearn some not so healthy habits. That takes time. Take baby steps. Be kind to yourself. Simultaneously, remove a timeframe and be open to embracing change. Then you can begin to relearn. With time, you acquire a new habit that is lasting and second nature to you.

Start to stack habits.

Stacking habits is when we start to build or find common ground between our habits and routine. Do you want to read more and also stay active? Try an audiobook while you go for a walk or run. Attempt to look for ways in which your habits and routine will complement one another. This might also be an ideal opportunity to identify if there is anything in your routine (or a habit) that acts as a hindrance in your journey towards achieving certain goals you have for yourself.

In conclusion, when introducing something new into your life, such as a habit that you alone are in control of, always make time to review your progress. See what has worked best and maybe what hasn't. Check in with yourself if you are being accountable or if you need the support of someone else or a tool to help you stay on track. We are always trying to find ways to bring a better version of ourselves every passing day and oftentimes, many people are more than happy to cheer us on in our journey.

To get started with a consultation at Barressential where you can discuss your current situation and your newly created goals, drop us an email at



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