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5 Reasons Why Investing in Personal Training will Jumpstart Your 2022!

New year, new you. How long did that last? More often than not, our New Years resolutions only last as long as the fireworks themselves. But when it comes to fitness, there's one secret weapon that can help you kickstart and stick to a new habit: Personal Training. Found yourself wanting to browse away? Hang in there for a sec and let us tell you why it's not the wallet emptying expense you think it is.

1. Private Sessions are not a means to an end, it's the starting point.

At Barressential, we want to our services be affordable to everyone who needs us. We try keep our group class sizes super small so you get individual attention from the instructor. But sometimes you may need just a little extra help. It could be that you've recently given birth or are recovering from an injury. It could be that you take a little longer to grasp a technique. Given all our classes at Barressential relies so much on good technique, a private session (or two) will help you get that extra focussed attention to master your form. Once you do that, you can go straight back into group classes and get the most out of them!

2. Private sessions are customised to your needs.

If you're suffering from conditions like chronic back pain or have osteoarthritis, there's not a lot of places in Colombo you can goto to exercise safely. Our instructors have had extensive anatomy training and constantly refresh their knowledge through internal workshops so they can safely attend to many of our clients needs. As such, we are able to work on a one to one level with clients dealing with any number of conditions: from scoliosis to stroke to rheumatism. We are prehab and postrehab experts. At your first session, we will assess your movements and in partnership with you create a class flow that fits your needs. As the sessions progress, we challenge you at your pace to step up to the next level of growth.

3. Private sessions are the COVID-safe to workout.

We adhere to the most up to date international safety guidelines when it comes to COVID. We are also science geeks so we read the latest research and ensure that we use techniques to mitigate the risks associated with COVID contagion. During a private session, you will have the entire 700 sq ft room to yourself. Your instructor will be double masked. Our team are fully vaccinated and we request that any visitor to our studio be also fully vaccinated. We've retrofitted ceiling fans in order to keep a constant flow of air near you. Before you come and after you leave, we sanitise the space with industrial level disinfectant and state of the art electrostatic spray technology. We really are the safest place to workout in Colombo.

4. Private can include a friend or a partner!

Studies have shown that working out with a buddy can improve your affinity to stick with it! Private doesn't have to mean just you. We work with couples, friends, mum & child duos to create either two people or three people sessions. You pick the people from your social bubbles and tell us times that best suit you. It's a great way to spend some time with your loved ones, do something beneficial for your bodies and use each other as accountability buddies to keep on keeping on!

5. We work around your schedule.

Privates are super flexible. We know that sometimes group times just don't suit your work schedule or your kid's class schedule. That's why we ask that you dictate the times when it comes to personal training. Having that flexibility means you're more like to continue at it and see the results you want!

We've got 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute options available for either Barre, Mat or Reformer Pilates Private sessions. Pricing available at our online shop here. If you'd like to get started, email us at!



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