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21 Days of Weaning off Sugar Begins TOMORROW!

You asked, we responded.

Sugar addiction is a monster of an issue around the world and the numerous dessert options in Colombo makes both that industry AND the diabetic treatment industry a lucrative one in this town. Most people make quitting sugar a goal at least once every few years/months and after a few days throw in the towel for numerous reasons - lack of will power, lack of support, being triggered, etc etc.

We hope that through our Facebook Group "Let's Quit Sugar" and this 21 day program - as a community, we will be able to assist each other kick the habit once and for all.

So what's our aim?

We don't expect you to go cold turkey. And chances are if you go cold turkey AND you look at sugar as a "forbidden" substance, the cravings are going to intensify and you will succumb to temptation. So, don't look at this like a mammoth task that you can never complete and your life will be forever stripped of the joy that is a chocolate biscuit pudding.

That's dramatic.

Instead, look at it as 21 days of cultivating healthy habits, learning to choose the better option when presented with choice and most importantly, giving your body a break so the key hormone receptors and your gut bacteria can reset.

What is required of you?

Are you a powerful person or a powerless person? Does your sugar intake control you or do you control your sugar intake? Powerful people use active language - DO or DON'T. Powerless people give the power away - TRY.

Take a minute to figure out which one you want to be. There is no sugar monster standing next to you forcing you to grab the last cookie on a plate. It is your own brain responding to chemical and hormonal changes - therefore you have a choice to say no.

Don't get us wrong - sugar is addictive. Sugar is meant to be as addictive as the Class A drug, cocaine. So we know you will have a battle to fight BUT......

....we want you to be powerful. Because you won't be alone as you fight it.

So repeat after us - I am DOING this no sugar 21 day plan. I am powerful and I will make the choices that will leave me in a better position at the end than when I started off. I will not TRY, but I will DO.


Secondly, grab yourself a friend - or ten. These things are MUCH easier in numbers, which is why we have this community to begin with. But if FB is still a step too far for you, its better to have an immediate physical group of friends also in the FB group so you can cheer each other on.

Add that friend or friend(s) to this group - you will be doing them a favour.

Stay tuned for information on hormone receptors and why we need to reset them, the food groups you will be saying good bye to and some fun recipes to carry you through this week - starting tomorrow!

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