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3 things to know when exercising during a heat wave

It's that time of year in Colombo. Temperatures are soaring. Feels like 37 degrees. Feels like 40 degrees. The sun roasts you even if you step out for a minute. You long for the cool climates in the hill country. But you still want to get a work out in. You can still get a super effective workout but we advise our clients to be safe about it!

Here are three key tips to follow if you're heading in for a class this April!

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Cannot stress this enough! With temperatures soaring to high 30s, even water may not be enough to replace electrolytes as you sweat through a class. To help out, incorporate half a packet of Jeevanee (electrolyte replacement powder) into your water bottle, give it a good shake and make sure you drink after and before class (and as and when needed, during)!

2. Wear light colour and looser clothing: Ditch the heavier cotton tees and full length leggings and get yourself some lightweight tees and shorter leggings. Dark colours absorb heat much faster so go for lighter shades like pastels, greys or white! The looser the material, the more air can circulate around your body, keeping you cool.

3. Know your limits: If you find yourself feeling light headed, rest. Without disrupting your fellow classmates, find yourself a quieter space, regroup, drink water and return back to the mat. Listen to your own body. Knowing your own pace will help you to get the best workout but also remain safe within a fast paced class environment.

Hope this helps barre babes! See you at the barre this week - book in at

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