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How to stick to your New Year's resolutions!

It's 2018!

The new year brings a sense of renewed hope, focus and determination. Regardless of whether you hit each of your goals or you forgot what goals were during the previous year, we encourage you to begin again afresh this year with fresh grace and energy!

As years go by, New Year's resolutions become synonymous with failed goals - most often dismissed in the first three years of the month. We want you to succeed this year and have compiled 9 tips to help 2018 be the year you hit those goals!

1. BE REALISTIC: Most people start with ambitious targets and major lifestyle changes. "Exercise everyday" is a high target and often life gets in the way and you will miss days - then you will equate with failure and give up. But "Exercise 4 times a week" is an attainable target that gives you space to manoeuvre.

2. BE SPECIFIC: As with any corporate milestone, measurable goals are the best type of goals. Not only do they give you a sense of accomplishment, they keep you on a better track than airy-fairy distance dreams. Give up "Spend more time with family" for "Have two dinners at home per week with family" and "Lose weight" for "Lose Xkg by Y date".

3. KEEP TRACK: Don't forget all about them by March end - instead, write them down, share with a friend and put a calendar entry for every three months to check in with yourself. That way, you give yourself enough time to re-align if you find that you have wandered away during the year.

4. TALK ABOUT THEM: Not incessantly such that your friends want to disown you. Share them with a supportive friend and encourage them to do the same. Connect your goals to a charity fundraiser. Talking and sharing about them holds you accountable and increases the chances you will aim to achieve them!

5. FOCUS ON BEHAVIOURS VS. OUTCOMES: Most often we are what we are due to deeply rooted behaviours. We comfort eat or think negatively as a result of ingrained behaviour from childhood or adolescence. Want to change? Break it down, focus on small steps to identify the behaviour you wish to change that will help achieve your goal and progress through the year.

6. DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP: Missed a day of exercise? Ate a full cake? It's okay. Don't beat yourself up - just know you will do better tomorrow.

7. LINK YOUR GOALS: Instead of one giant goal, think of two or three that work well together. For example, going for social drinks only once a week plus cutting back on alcohol work hand in hand.

8. GRAB A RESOLUTION BUDDY: This is the best - one friend you can actually talk as much as you want about your resolutions (vs. point 4) and encourage them to do the same with you. See which goals you have in common and aim to complete them together.

9. GET TO THE BARRE: Of course, that's going to be in here! We offer our group clients the same level of service as our private clients. A conversation about you with your goals to make them more realistic and specific, provide you with a personalised schedule to help you along, keeping track of your measurements every three months and last but not least, a repertoire of classes to keep you on your toes (no pun intended) through the whole year!

So get planning, recording and announcing to the world what you plan to achieve. Choose Barressential as your guide to get you towards your fitness goals in 2018!

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