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The 101 on Pilates: Is It Worth It?

Pilates - isn't that the same as yoga? Pilates - its so easy! Pilates - don't you need those machines?

Pilates brings out all sorts of questions when first introduced to a community but we at Barressential are committed to raising awareness as to how amazing a form of movement it really is - and why EVERYONE should try it.

Old, Young, Male & Female.

Your first Pilates class will be an experience - you'll wonder "why does the instructor keep talking about my spine so much?", "what is a core?", "does how my pelvis move really matter so much in life?".

So, what can you expect from your first class?

A slow pace: we've had clients come in, rush through the movements and tell us its so easy. But Pilates is not about how quickly you move, its about how much control you have as you slowly move through the exercises - with control and precision. We care that you only use the necessary muscles for each exercise and that requires awareness!

LOTS of verbal instruction: Pilates instructors jaws hurt by the end of class! We give out a lot of cues so you can adjust your body accordingly to maintain correct form through the flow. Mind-body awareness is everything as it is you and only you who can contract or relax or move the correct muscle! Don't understand? Don't be shy - ask us for clarifications.

Quiet background music or none at all. No hip-hop or R&B here (for that come for a Barre class), we want you to pay attention to your body. You will find that this focussed attention becomes a sort of stress reliever after class.

To feel frustrated: we do ask you to focus on muscles you've never encountered before and you may not be able to - because the neural links are weak. But don't be defeated, these develop so fast that you will be encouraged and even elated after a few classes.

To question whether all this is even worth it: We have been taught that exercise has to hurt, that you have to make large movements to get anywhere into your muscles - Pilates results in small movements that activate only the muscle groups that needs to activate. However, trust us that less is more. Your posture, balance, muscle strength will all improve - stick with it.

To want to sweat: why are we going so slow? How can I lose any calories if I'm not breaking a sweat? All this is possible in a Pilates class - ask our intermediate/advanced students. But they all started as beginners. Understanding the basics, applying it in class and allowing the neural pathways to create stronger links is imperative so that when you move to the harder movements, you won't risk injury!

To want to switch brain off: research has shown that when you brain is involved in your exercise routing, you end up burning more calories. It is the best tool to making progress.

Now you've got the down low, enough reading about it - come try a class!

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