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10 Reasons to Love Turmeric More Than We Already Do

A wonderful staple in a Sri Lankan kitchen since forever, we have all grown up with turmeric in our foods. As this spice suddenly becomes a "superfood" and one of the buzziest ingredients in the Western world, let's dig deeper into its health benefits that our ancestors have known for generations.

  1. It's a relative of ginger

  2. As turmeric isn't absorbed by our bodies well - it needs to be paired with black pepper to be effective

  3. It's a strong anti-oxidant with compounds called curcuminoids. Anti-oxidants work to prohibit the oxidation of certain molecules which would be harmful to the body.

  4. It has anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds are important in fighting off infections and repairing damage to the body. Chronic inflammation can be caused even by stress - and leads to diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers and heart disease

  5. It's good for fighting depression. Curcumin can impact neurotransmitters in the brain and help in the effectiveness of anti-depressants

  6. Helps with PMS!

  7. Eases joint pain, stiffness & inflammation

  8. Cures headaches & migraines - along with its cousin, ginger

  9. Clears skin as acne usually is a result of high inflammation & low anti-oxidants in the body

  10. Boosts metabolism as it naturally warms the body

So get cracking on increasing the turmeric sprinkling into your curries and other foods without hesitation!

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