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Everything You've Wanted to Know About Our New Hormone Reset Nutrition Plan!

We're back!

Bigger. Better. Re-energized.

7 metabolic hormones. 3 weeks. A new you.

This is not a diet. Let's get rid of that dirty word from our vocabulary. No one ever associated a positive emotional experience with a diet. So how could it ever be sustainable? We need to bring more self care into our lives - the way we talk to ourselves, the way we talk about ourselves, the things we do to ourselves. So, 1st tip of self care: GET RID OF THE DIETS.

So if it's not a diet, then what are we talking about?

Have you ever found that you've exercised and you've gone on a diet or ten, but yet the most stubborn of the fat remains? And more importantly, your health suddenly takes a turn for the worse or on going health issues you've had for years don't really go away?

That's because diets that focus on vilifying or idolising one particular food group over another doesn't really focus on the underlying reasons why those health issues are there in the first place!

Answer us this:

Do you find you've hit a weight loss plateau or have sudden weight gain or difficulty losing weight?

Do you suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome? cysts in breasts?

Do you find you have terrible mood swings especially around menstruation?

Do you have heart palpitations for no reason?

Do you have dry skin or hair? Or suffer from acne? Or eczema?

Do you think the last diet you were on would have helped you fix these conditions?

These are just five of ca. 70 questions that we will ask you through the plan to ascertain what is going on INSIDE your body.

We focus on 7 major metabolic hormones in the body which when gone out of whack will make you answer yes to these and many more questions. Fat becomes the least of the worries. The reason why fat is there is what we target to fix!

Over the course of 21 days, we take each of these hormones into focus and attempt to reset the hormone receptor and hormone pathways. We talk you through what each of the hormones are, what they do, how your body works when they function well and what happens to the body when they go off kilter - and most importantly, how we can fix this!

We work through the 5Rs - Remove, Replace, Restore, Repair and Rebalance via your nutrition, fitness and mind-body connection to ensure that we give each of the hormones the 72 hours or more that is necessary to completely reset itself.

Our food is everything and we eat far too much rubbish - we either do take out or eat out too often at restaurants. We don't plan out our meals for the week so when tired from a long day at work and in the absence of anything wholesome and nutritious in the fridge, we reach out to the easiest things to make or order. This needs to change.

We need to change.

So change with us this April - from April 16th to May 6th, Barressential + Forked + Saaraketha will bring to you our Hormone Reset Nutrition Plan focused on fixing your metabolism.

When you sign up with us, you receive access to our comprehensive website which has all the details about each of the hormones we are targeting and as explained above all that they do, all that's wrong and how to fix it.

We provide you with a long wholesome food list - of which you are free to eat as much as you like - no starving allowed here. Our Main Produce Partner Saaraketha stocks most of these organic fresh ingredients such as veggies, fruits, greens, grains, yams and more. We don't leave you alone to figure out where to source the ingredients - each of the items have been linked back to the vendor who holds it in Colombo. Where possible, we have obtained discounts for our clients with the vendor in question!

Our Main Meals Partner, Forked cater to those of you who don't have time or the energy to cook, offering scrumptious and delicious meals crafted in accordance with the parameters of our plan. If you love to cook, Forked has created some fabulous recipes that would be right up your alley.

We provide detailed instructions on what needs to happen at exactly which time and for how long - and guide you through the process for the entire 21 days.

We track your measurements - metrics that will be stated when you sign up - and provide you with detailed analysis on a weekly basis on how you are doing, what more you need to and how we can get there.

Barressential runs 10-12 classes a week focussed on muscle endurance, lengthening, strength training and cardio which is a perfect accompaniment to the plan.

The 9 clients who took on the nutrition plan in June AND did 3 classes a week for the same period of time lost a cumulative 51cm off their waists AND their hips in just three weeks. More importantly however the habits they built, the tools they obtained and the knowledge they gained has proven this to be a most valuable investment.

Join us as we embark on a fantastic three weeks of health & wellness after this Avurudu.

Email us on to find out more OR visit here to learn more and purchase!

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