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we've got a challenge for you: introducing "12 in 21"!

At barressential, we love challenges!

Did you know that a healthy body is 20% about exercise but 80% about nutrition?

Our first challenge: we want to move away from the focus on the (redundant) term, "weight loss" towards the more pertinent term "healthy living". Weight loss can even be achieved through bad food poisoning but healthy living is about making repeated conscious decisions to pick something beneficial for your body when offered a choice!

It may not reflect on the scale (another redundant object as muscle is heavier than fat) but you will feel it in your body as it moves and functions better plus your clothes will be looser.

So to get us kicked off on the right foot, we have decided to bring you our

"TWELVE in TWENTY-ONE" June Challenge

12 classes in 21 days + hormone balancing nutrition plan

What do you have to do?

  • Sign up to and attend 12 classes in 21 days starting from 1st June 2017

  • Accurately follow the nutrition plan sent to you by barressential (no cheating!)

What do we do?

  • Provide you with a nutrition plan to balance out each of the major metabolic hormones in your body

  • Send you recipes and tips for healthy living in line with the plan.

  • Track your progress via weekly measurements.

  • Conduct tailored classes to push you further during the challenge.

  • It's a challenge so we'll have a leaderboard so you can see who's on track to first complete all 12 classes in 21 days!

What's in it for you?

  • A more toned and stronger body (with visible changes)

  • Balanced hormones and eliminated toxins (think clearer skin, more energy, less hair fall!)

And if that isn't enough:

  • First person to complete 12 classes in 21 days receives a gift bag with vouchers to some of the best salons/spas/cafes in Colombo

  • Next five people get goodie bags with health & wellness related treats!

Like the sound of it?

Sign up by emailing us at with subject "#challengeaccepted"



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