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so, what's the hype about barre?

We say barre. You have so many questions.

Firstly, is it pronounced "bar" or "bar-ray"? Secondly, Is it ballet? Is it aerobics? Is it yoga? Thirdly, will it result in weight loss? Can someone who's never exercised before do it?

So many questions. With our blog, we intend to answer all of these questions and then some.

"Barre" (pronounced 'bar') is a revolutionary fitness method combining pilates, yoga and the traditional ballet barre to create movements that work to sculpt and tone your muscles. Leaning more towards pilates than ballet, our particular form of barre exercises are varied in their intensity and as such, are effective for those that are rehabilitating from injuries AND for those that are gym bunnies.

What sets barre apart from other forms of exercises? All movements are geared towards creating long, lean muscles instead of short, stubby muscles that one may get from heavy weight lifting or more "boy" focussed exercises. Think a ballerina bod. It's low impact so its easy on the joints and because we are based on the pilates method, we look to return the body to its correct posture and alignment.

And best of all? Its super addictive! No two classes are the same and you feel the results even as soon as after the first three classes.

Its what makes our clients keep coming back for more!

Intrigued? Correctly so! Join us for a class this week. Sign up at




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