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What does Barressential, Supermodels & Hollywood have in common?

If you guessed insanely good looks, you are correct but not the point of this blog post (joke). If you guessed a love of B A R R E, then you hit the nail on the head!

From US to England to Europe to Australia, A-list celebs flock to Barre as their go-to workout. Using the ballet barre as our main prop, Barre combines the best of ballet (minus the dance) with Pilates and strength training to craft toned, elegant yet STRONG bodies. Ever seen a ballerina leap? Yeah, those are powerful muscles. Small movements, isometric holds and high reps combined with light weights and other props work to exhaust muscles that you didn't even know you had!

Curious to see who else loves Barre as much as we do? Read on!

1. Pippa Middleton

Shot to fame in "that" dress at the Kate Middleton & Prince William's wedding in 2011, Pippa relied on Barre even during her pregnancy to keep her body healthy & strong.

"It’s hugely beneficial in elongating, strengthening and protecting the back and spine – plus engaging the lower body (hips, abs, buttocks and particularly the legs). It’s excellent for pregnant women in all trimesters as you mostly rely on your body weight, so it means little impact for your joints and is generally low risk.""

2. Jennifer Aniston

Could anyone ever have a better body (or hair!) than our forever sweetheart? Jen has sworn by Barre to lift the booty: "Trust me, it just goes in and UP!"

3. Rita Ora

The singer has now been a long time Barre addict but when she started in 2014, she described Barre to Harpers Bazaar as something that "pulses your body to the music. Its shaky - you almost feel like Bambi, but its really good for you! It's like Ballet mixed with pulsing Yoga?!"

4. Jourdan Dunn

The Victoria's Secret model is a super fan of Barre in London - relying on personal training sessions with senior instructors to get that killer burn on before each spectacular annual VS show.

5. Alessandra Ambrosio

The gorgeous supermodel would fit in so very well at Barressential given she loves Barre AND Reformer Pilates as much as we do.

6. Drew Barrymore

One of the most loved Rom-Com stars ever, Drew Barrymore has credited Barre & a vegan diet with her 25lbs (11kg) weight loss in just three months.

7. Karlie Kloss

Another model that loves Barre AND Reformer Pilates for their ability to exercise her body AND her mind simultaneously: BOOM - intelligent exercise anyone?

8. Lily Aldridge

This top model trains like an athlete at least thrice a week (and closer to the VS show, twice DAILY!). She hates running and declares Barre has challenged her body "in a beautiful way." A picture speaks a thousand words and we totally believe Lily!

9. Anna Kendrick

Aca-sacuse us! Anna Kendrick jokes that "[Barre] makes [me] hurt all over, it's the worst thing I've ever done, a resounding endorsement!". She loves it though given she's a regular client at Pure Barre in the US.

10. Millie Mackintosh

The former "Made in Chelsea" star and mega-influencer credits Barre with improving her coordination, posture and flexibility - and lifting her bum in just six months!

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