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What do we mean when we say "core"?

If you're one of the many who think strengthening the core is just about getting those six pack abs, this blog post is for you!

The "core" is more than just abs. Its strength is more valuable than a bunch of likes on Instagram!

Think of your torso as a sandwich inside a can.

(So THAT actually exists. Who knew?! Apologies if you are either now craving a PBJ sarnie or are grossly repulsed.)

But here's why you had to see that image:

The "bread" of the sandwich are the abdominal and back muscles. The "filler" is the spinal column. The "top lid" of the can is the shoulder girdle and the "bottom lid" is the pelvic girdle. Your head, arms and legs are connected to the can.

We are going now into a quick anatomy lesson, do skip over to the next image if that isn't your cup of tea!

The abdominal muscles consists of the deep layer of transverse abdominals (helps you breathe and keep the spine and organs in place), the next layer of "six pack muscles" or rectus abdominus (helps you bend forwards and backwards) and the outer layer of external & internal obliques (helps you rotate the torso).

The back muscles are not just about the much talked about "traps" and "lats" but also the deeper erector spinae & multifidi muscles which runs along the spinal column helping to hold its shape and assist in movement in all directions.

Pelvic girdle leads us to the very important hip flexors & gluteus maximus, medius and minimus - all of which when utilised correctly lead to correct spinal alignment as well as reduced back pain.

Finally the very delicate shoulder girdle relates to the pectorals (chest), traps, rhomboids (in between your shoulder blades) & all the smaller muscles that helps to mobilise the shoulder blades during movement.

In Pilates, we don't just focus on the abdominal muscles but the entirety of the core. As it turns out, a healthy core is important for a healthy & flexible spine, strong legs & arms, good posture, annihilating back pain, improving balance and even looking thinner!

To put it plainly, its not just about doing sit ups.

During a good Pilates class, you're going to get a lot of information - about spinal positioning, muscle activation, breathing techniques, pelvic stability, shoulder stability and all of these are connected to the final goal of strengthening your core. Sometimes there's just not enough time to grasp it all.

Fear not.

In our "ACTIVATE THE CORE" one hour specialist workshop to be held on Poya, Thursday 05th October at 10.30am, we will cover the following:

  • What is the Powerhouse? (hint, think of that PBJ sarnie in a can)

  • Centering (concept that all movement originates from the core)

  • Importance of concentration and precision

  • Importance of the breath

  • Achieving lumbopelvic stability

  • Increasing shoulder mobilisation and strengthening

  • Fundamentals of core activation & spinal mobilisation

  • Fundamentals of core strengthening

It will be an hour of engaging in intelligent motion that will impact your fitness and daily living for years to come. Join us and feel the difference!

Few spots remaining - book your spot now at



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