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Why is Pilates the Perfect Core Strengthener?

As we detailed in a previous post, there are a myriad of benefits to practicing Pilates on a regular basis. Here we hone down on the five main reasons how it benefits your core!

1) Utilised in EVERY exercise.

Pilates uses the core muscles in E.V.E.R.Y. exercise. It is the main focus of every movement sequence or it works to support when working through the limbs! Its impossible to keep 100% engagement for a full 45 minute class however we recommend clients maintain 30-40% engagement throughout the time!

2) The "core" for Pilates isn't just the abs.

We look at the core as a sandwich with lids on either end. The abs and back muscles work as the bread in the sandwich, the spine being the filling, the shoulder and pelvic girdles act as the two lids. People often think they are utilising the core when doing crunches etc. but most often its another muscle (think hip flexors) that activate and do all the hard work.

Pilates teaches you to concentrate, isolate and control the actual core muscles to develop true strength and a healthy body.

3) There is a variety of exercises to challenge and keep you motivated.

Every movement is different from the other and no matter what you're level of expertise at Pilates, there is always room to keep being challenged. We challenge you by focussing on your stamina, changing the breath patterns, utilising different positions or props and integrating supports.

Never boring! Never plateauing!

4) Its suitable for all ages and levels and both genders!

Pilates is a low impact exercise. With its focus on the strengthening of the core, it can be tailored to suit beginners to advanced students. It assists pre and post natal clients. It assists seniors. It assists athletes. Most importantly, both men and women benefit greatly from Pilates. Hey, Joseph Pilates was a man!

5) Goes beyond just aesthetically pleasing results.

Pilates is more than a toned tummy. Using the techniques taught in Pilates, you correct muscular imbalances, postural misalignments and say goodbye to back pain forever!



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